Steps from Reservation to Returning

STEP1Simple Online Reservation

Simple Online Reservation
No troublesome procedure is necessary because confirmation and reservation of available vehicles, as well as contract and payment of rental fee can be completed online.

STEP2When You Arrive at Airport

When You Arrive at Airport
Pick-up site of the rental car is an affiliated designated parking space located about 10 min from the airport by a free pick-up vehicle.

STEP3Pick-up of Rental Car

Pick-up of Rental Car
Upon arrival at the affiliated designated packing space, you can pick up the rental car. Since the necessary procedure such as contract is already preliminarily done, you can depart in a short while.

STEP4Rental Period

Rental Period
In the rental car, there is no mileage limit. Thus, you can use the rental car in a sense of a privately owned car for a necessary period.

STEP5Return of Rental Car

Return of Rental Car
Please return the rental car to the parking space where you picked up the rental car at the time of departure. We will of course take you to the airport at no fee.
(Separate fee is charged for pick-up of the car)


You can spend a comfortable time because you can go to an airport directly from your home.