How To Reserve

STEP1Read precautions statement before renting

Make sure unrentable conditions and that your driver’slicense permits driving in Japan.

STEP2Determine renting and returning dates and select desired plan.

Fill out e-mail form for the following items, and send us the mail. After making sure whether the desired rental car is available, our person in charge will mail you the availability of the rental car within one to three business days.
*The desired rental car plan is not available, we will propose you an alternative plan.

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Date and time of pick-up
  • Date and time of return
  • Pick-up location
  • Returning location
  • Desired car model
  • Number of passengers
  • Desired options

STEP3Take proceedings through this application form.

When you apply for rent a car reservation through this form, you are required to agree precaution statement and rental agreement, preliminarily submit driver’s licenses for all persons who drive and password, and preliminarily pay rental rate with a credit card.

Payment of Rent a Car Rate

The rent a car rate should be payed with a credit card in batch settlement or with a debit card by pick-up date.
(For long-term rent, prepay a one-month’s rental rate for each month).
The following credit cards are available.


For Renting a vehicle

Available vehicle types

Available vehicles include minivans, compact vehicles on 1000 cc to 1500 class, hybrid vehicles (PRIUS), and light one-box vans.

Rental Conditions and Period

Our service is for persons whoobtained the driver’s license more than one year ago and who are over 21 years old. Rental periods are one or more months for monthly rental vehicles and 7 days or longer for weekly rental vehicles.

Contents of Voluntary Insurance Contracts (included in rental fee).

Contents Personal damage Property damage Passenger injury Vehicle damage
Insured amount Unlimited Unlimited 10,000,000 yen Market value
Deductible 50,000 yen 50,000 yen

*We will charge you 50,000 yendeductible only in total loss for vehicle insurance and actual expense of repair with the deductible being the upper limit for damage other than the total loss.
*For Hiace Wagon, Caravan Coach, Liteace Van, VANETTE Van, and Caravan, thedeductible is 100,000 yen.

When you join Full Cover X (that is not insurance), you can utilize JAF road service. Further,you can be compensated for the amount of deductibles for objects and vehicles and non-operation chargein case of an accident.
(In this regard, however, the compensation for thedeductibles and the non-operation charge can be applied to one accident only).

Full Cover X Full Cover X registration fee
Weekly rent a car 3,500 yen/500 yen per day of extension (tax not included)
Monthly rent a car 9,900 yen/330 yen per day of extension (tax not included)

Deductible compensations for Hiace Wagon, Caravan Coach, Litetace Van,Vanette Van, and Caravan are as follows.

Full Cover X Full Cover X registration fee
Weekly rent a car 7,000 yen/1000 yen per day of extension (tax not included)
Monthly rent a car 19,800 yen/660 yen per day of extension (tax not included)

Non-Operation Charge

In case of damage to the rental car due to an accident during the rental period, the following fee will be charged as part of compensation for business loss during the time of repairing.

When the car is returned as planned by its own ability 20,000 yen (tax not included)
When the car is not returned as planned by its own ability 50,000 yen (tax not included)

Maintenance of Vehicle

Regular inspection and automobile safety inspection of the rental car in the rental period will be made by any of the following methods.

  • Replacement with another vehicle
  • Maintenance in shop in a convenient temporary period
  • Walk-around on-site inspection

Mileage Limit

You can use the car regardless of the mileage until the mileage reaches 3,000 km per month.
When the mileage is 3,000 km or longer, 10 yen per km will be charged as an additional mileage fee at the time of car returning.

Cancelling Your Reservation

When the reservation is cancelled, the followingcancellation fee will be charged.

  • 10 days before pick-up date: free
  • 4-9 days before pick-up date: 20% of basic rate
  • 1-3 days before pick-up date: 30% of basic rate
  • Pick-up date: 50% of basic rate