There are two types of gas stations: the full-service kind, where an attendant is on hand to fill up your tank as per your request; and the self-service kind, where you fill your tank by yourself.
The explanation below is for the “self-service” kind.

Location of the fuel tank opening

The location of the fuel tank opening varies according to the vehicle; some have it on the right, and some on the left. When you pull up at a self-service gas station, you must have the fuel tank opening on the same side as the fuel pump.
You can check what side the fuel tank opening is on by looking at the fuel gauge. It will be on the side indicated by a triangle near the fuel gauge readout.

Shut off the engine and open the fuel tank cover

Stop the vehicle with the fuel tank opening near the fuel pump and shut off the engine. Open the fuel tank cover and get out of the vehicle.


  • Gasoline is easily ignitable, so absolutely no fire sources are allowed while you are pumping gas.
  • Some gas tank covers must be opened from outside the vehicle.

Choose a fuel type and payment method

Use the fuel pump’s touch screen to select a fuel type, payment method, and fuel amount.
Note: Some gas stations require payment first, while others allow you to pay afterward.

Fuel types

There are three types of fuel used in motor vehicles: regular gasoline, high-octane (premium) gasoline, and diesel fuel.

You must fill up the tank. Please don’t fill diesel fuel and high-octane (premium) gasoline.

Touch the anti-static panel, remove the fuel tank cap, and fill up the vehicle

When you hear the voice announce the start of fueling (in Japanese), be sure to remove the fuel cap only after touching the anti-static panel. After removing the fuel cap, take the nozzle for the specified fuel type and insert it all the way into the fuel tank opening. After checking to make sure it is firmly inserted, pull the trigger to begin filling up the vehicle.

Finishing and paying

Once the specified fuel amount has been reached, you will hear a click and the fuel will automatically stop pumping. After you finish filling the tank, take your hand off the trigger and return the nozzle to the fuel pump. Try not to get any residual fuel on yourself as you do so.
Firmly reattach the fuel cap and close the fuel tank cover to complete the process. Take care not to forget to close the fuel cap and leave it behind.
Payment will be handled automatically, so follow the spoken instructions.


  • If you forget to close the fuel tank cap, gasoline could ignite and explode. At some gas stations, you might have to take a receipt to the counter inside the building in order to pay.
  • The Fire Services Act strictly forbids all sources of fire on the premises of gas stations. You may only smoke in designated indoor smoking areas.
  • The payment machine and the gas pump are not always located next to each other. Don’t forget your change.