I wish I could have it.

There are tremendous difficulties to create something out of nothing. However, we have been challenging it step by step and now have a lot of knowledge and experiences. We are thinking of and implementing business development to become a company that the environment at the present time asks for and the society requires by taking advantage of our long-years cultivated useful know-how. Our business is based on the idea that we combine new idea with latest information to find a new concept, and give the new concept an appropriate purpose to lead the new business. We will continue to seek steadily, flexibly the needs which are not yet present without sticking to fixed idea, preconceived idea.


We have staff members certified to handle welfare vehicles.

“ITS Co., Ltd., SMILE RENT A CAR, and SMILE RENT A CARE LEASE get qualification certified by Japan Wheelchair-accessible Vehicle Association and qualification certified to handle welfare vehicles in order to provide with confidence the customers with welfare vehicles.
Unlike normal vehicles, handling welfare vehicles needs special knowledge such as its unique structure like s slope, lift, etc., and tax matters. We are giving a secure service, as a company handling lease, rental and sale of welfare vehicles, to customers.”

Company Profile

Company Name ITS Co., Ltd.
Trade name Smile
Location 7F 2nd Wako-building, 5-11-17 Ogikubo, Suginami-ward, Tokyo, 167-0051
TEL 03-3220-3030
FAX 03-3220-3399
Founded in Sep. 1992
Established in Dec. 1994
Representative CEO Issei Tomita
Numbers Of Employees 50 people (including part-time jobbers)
Business “- SMILE RENT A CAR
– Making vehicles for owner-driver taxi
– Wholesaling vehicles for corporate taxi
– Consulting
– Handling insurance”

Company history

Sep. 1992 Foundation
Dec. 1994 Established ITS Ltd.
Dec. 1998 Opened SMILE, joined Japan Auto Appraisal Institute.
Nov. 1999 Changed the company name to ITS Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2000 Established Car lease division.
Nov. 2002 Established Owner-driver taxi division.
Aug. 2003 Opened GodHans for coating vehicle body.
Nov. 2003 Established Limousine taxi division.
Dec. 2003 Opened SMILE RENT A CAR.
Jan. 2005 Relocated the headquarters.
Dec. 2011 Started SMILE RENT A CAR service in Narita airport.
Feb. 2012 Started SMILE RENT A CAR service in Haneda airport.
Apr. 2013 OpenedSMILE RENT A CAR Okinawa.
Jun. 2014 Changed the name fromSMILE RENT A CAR Okinawato ROBCOND RENT A CAR.
Dec. 2015 Started package service ofSMILE RENT A CAR with welfare vehicles.
Jan. 2016 Established Welfare vehicle division.